J.R. Martinez

J.R. Martinez and Diana Gonzalez-Jones confirmed that they will be expecting a baby girl! Though they did disclose the two names that they are considering for their newest addition, the couple did make a few sarcastic remarks that have many fans relieved.

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards the couple stated, “We won’t name her Apple Cider or Salami. It won’t be our favorite dish or our favorite getaway or favorite car or show.”

Does Martinez mean to tell us that he will be taking a traditional approach to naming his soon-to-be, unlike Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s most recent addition, Blue Ivy?

The 28-year-old Dancing with the Stars winner told PEOPLE, “We have narrowed it down to two names and we agree on it, which is good. I hear that traditionally, when it comes to the name picking, that’s when the disagreements occur. But I think it will be a nice flow.”

Gonzalez, who is closing in on her third trimester says that she is beginning to show and her little baby girl is beginning to show that she’s there, too! “Now, she’s kicking all the time. She’s like, ‘I’m here, I’m coming,” said Gonzalez.

Congratulations to J.R, Diana, and their precious baby girl!