Gel Stamping Polish for Gel Nail Art

Gel stamping is an infinitely exquisite nail art that every manicure lover would want to try. Unfortunately, the polishes that could have been used to produce the desired degree of creativity have not been available. Getting stamping polish from even the world’s leading brands like SNS, Kiara sky, DND, or even OPI dipping powder has been an intolerable hustle. Thanks to the modern inventions, nail polish brands are beginning to produce and deliver the needed polish massively. Suffice it to say; they are now available even in unique forms like the OPI powder colors, among others.

There before, getting your nails perfectly stamped was a real hustle. First, you had to introduce a gel base color to your nails and then use the regular stamping polish to stamp nails. The process was completed by applying a top coat to seal the stamps. The resultant look was exquisite, but the coats were not durable because the fast weakening non-UV coat jeopardized the gel’s durability.

The functionality of a typical stamping polish is different from that of nail stamping gel. First, you need to cure your stamping image in the same manner as a regular gel. You will also have to slow down when working with nail stamping gel, or otherwise, it will not air dry. All you need is enough scraping time for the plates. Moreover, you will need a nail brush to apply it because its consistency can be compared to acrylic or builder gel. Also, make sure that you have minimal exposure to UV light when treating the plates. If possible, use hand protection because the FDA recommends them.

There is a hoard of typical stamping polishes out there, but the modern gel polishes make gel nails look unique, easy to stamp, and long-lasting. The number of gel brands with stamping options is still limited, but we have compiled a list of best gel stamping polishes that you can find in the market whenever you feel like gel stamping your nails.

Moyra Nail Stamping Gel

Despite being a new gel stamping product, its consistency is equivalent to that of a standard stamping product. Therefore, there are no complicated steps involved in stamping the nails using gel polish. Furthermore, there are no special brushes or a lot of cleaning needed because Moyra uses a nail polish brush. The brand has only a handful of colors like red, green, grey, white, and black, but more colors will soon be available in the market. The product has a white that is crisp over black. Its pigmentation and opacity are great even though they cannot match those of the thicker brands. Even so, they always get the job done.

Born Pretty Stamping Gel 14 Color Set

As you enjoy the allure of its name, you will realize that Born Pretty is an upcoming gel stamping option despite being a regular polish. Its thick consistency is wrangled by packing it in a squeeze tube. The product delivers exquisite results even in opacity tests due to the dense pigmentation. They are the best when dealing with intricate lines. However, they may present complications when handling solid color, especially when larger patches are involved. Both horizontal and vertical scrapping should be done for the plate to be fully coated while using enough product. Fourteen colors are provided in the kit, but each color can be bought individually.

Mobray Stamping Gel Kit With Stamping Plates

Unlike the other gel stamping polishes, the uniqueness in this Mobray manufactured stamping gel kit will blow off your mind. The kit comes with two stamping plates, a firm plastic scraper, a clear stamper, and differently colored gels in six tubes. Learning to stamp seems more comfortable to many people when a supple scrapper is used at first compared instead of a stable scrapper. It is of utmost importance for newbies to know that crisper lines easier to create when a firm scrapper is used.

Biutee 12 Color Gel Stamping Set

These gels can be compared to a play-slime in terms of thickness and consistency. You will need a dotting tool, an orange stick, or anything better than a brush because they tend to stick on the brush due to their pronounced consistency. Even so, they boast from a unique opacity provided by their thickness. A single set of product has 12 colors. The key to getting the best gel stamp using this product is first getting rid of the gel polish’s tacky layer from your nails.


If you had lost hope in scrapping nail art, it is time to get back to your old habit because scrapping has been made easier and better. Nail stamping gels are taking over the market, and this is something you do not want to miss. Just grab one of the products, and you can reclaim your rightful position in the world of beauty.